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However, the needs of every player would be different after all. Thus, players were allowed to choose the development direction of the island.

For example, if gamers liked to fish, they could transform the island into an island with more water and rich fish resources. If gamers liked to hunt, they could transform the island into an island with lush forest and more animals. If gamers liked to farm, they could transform the island into a land with more variety of plants.

Of course, players could also choose balanced islands to use in fishing, hunting, farming, and so on.

After choosing this requirement, steam technology would develop and modify the island in the corresponding direction.

However, this transformation would not be completed in a short time. There would not be any changes to the island when it was first selected. Instead, it would continue to change for a period of time.

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Of course, if he changed his mind in the future, he could still come to the service office to modify it. However, he could not modify it too frequently.

Apart from this long-term modification plan, there was also a short-term modification plan: the moving service delivered by steam technology.

Players could move the initial buildings on the island to their preferred positions. It was free for the first time but they would have to pay later.

As for the appearance of the characters, they were all very cute little animals.

These animals were all strange. There were ducks, penguins, dogs, crocodiles, rabbits, rams, cats, and so on. After choosing a small animal, they could also change its fur color, shape, and clothes.

The clothes on small animals could be changed at will in the future. What’s more, there would be bows, quivers, gun holsters, mechanical watches, and other decorations.

After registering, they could officially explore the island freely.

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The content of the first day was mainly to help players familiarize themselves with the operations, including the most basic movement, as well as basic gameplay like hunting, farming, mining, and so on.

After that, the game would gradually guide players to carry out more complicated activities, such as fishing high-level fish, hunting for high-level animal materials, farming and producing high-level crop yields, and so on.

During these activities, the corresponding NPCs would complete the guidance.

For example, the one who taught hunting was a dog, the one who taught fishing was a cat, the one who taught farming was an old bull, and the one who taught mining was a groundhog... Of course, they were all in the form of anthropomorphic animals.

During the teaching process, these small animals would use very slow movements to show players some specific operations. For example, the puppies would show a series of processes of taking the arrow, setting the bow, pulling the bow, and shooting the arrow from the quiver. At the same time, they would explain the gameplay.