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He thought about it and realized that it made sense. FV Team had always been using these two sets of tactics back and forth. Even he could tell the playstyles. The opposing team’s coaches were not stupid and would definitely be able to tell.

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However, he did not expect that the other party did not fight for himself, nor did he study the lineup to counter these two styles. Instead, he directly and roughly finished BAN. This still caught him off guard.

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FV Team’s commonly used heroes might have been banned but they were not flustered at all. They directly locked down the noob hero Storm Swordsman who had won the MVP in the third round of the finals.

The professional players on the commentator platform perked up when they saw this.

Teacher, I know how to answer this question!

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Wasn’t this the game that matched with Specter Blacksmith to directly eat all the jungle and mid-laner minions to suppress the economy?

Many professional players had studied this strategy after the world finals. Of course, there were many things to commentate on.

“FV chose to snatch the Storm Swordsman. They’re obviously planning to use the Specter Blacksmith to recreate the scene of the five kills in the global finals!”

However, before he could finish speaking, he saw that the opponent had already snatched the Specter Blacksmith away.

The professional player opened his mouth slightly and fell into silence once again.

How was he going to explain this!

On the other side, on Bunny Tail’s live-stream platform.

The host in charge of the crowd was equally shocked when he saw the other party lock down the Specter Blacksmith.

“It looks like the other party is well-prepared for today’s battle. They have been targeting them from the BAN selection. They chose to directly snatch Specter Blacksmith to deal with the situation knowing the system of the Storm Swordsman and Specter Blacksmith.”

“That would probably be very bad news for FV Team because the Storm Swordsman is relatively weak in the jungle. Without the Specter Blacksmith to provide additional experience and economy, it might collapse along with the three lanes once it’s targeted by the other party. What do the two teachers think of this candidate?”