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Sebas-san said, and put his index finger on his chin.

「Hmm, let’s see. On January 7, Allen went on a rampage in the Holy Ronelia Empire. Are you interested in knowing whom the top brass of the Empire placed the “responsibility” on?」

「…!! Yes, please tell me!」

It has constantly been on my mind since that incident.

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「In conclusion, all the crimes were placed on you. Destroying the wedding between Sie Arcstria and Numero Dolan, and cutting down the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Gregor Ash. When you escaped, you took down a majority of the members of the Black Organization, including Zack Bomber. The worst incident in the history of the Empire, and its mastermind is Allen Rodore. The other swordsmen around him are nothing more than just tag alongs. That is what I directly reported to His Majesty the Emperor. That wouldn’t be a problem, is it?」

「Yes, thank you very much.」

The one who wanted to rescue the president no matter the consequences, rejected Clown-san’s strong opposition, and put the plan into motion, was all me

Naturally, all of that responsibility is something I should bear.

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(Thank goodness.)

Ria, Rose, Lilim-senpai, and Ferris-senpai, who followed me to the middle of the enemy country, wouldn’t have to face any more problems. I am truly relieved.

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(Right now we have become enemies, but…)

I can only feel thankfulness towards Sebas-san for reporting that.

「Fuu, I knew you would surely say that.」

He laughed as if somewhat astonished.