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It was not only one person standing.

“That’s right. Don’t do illegal stuff behind the scenes because you’re hard up for money.”

“Shady dealings are no good.”

“Some of them have anti-state employers. You should avoid black market business.”

It was about ten men, and the atmosphere around them was a little different from a usual person’s.

“Well, if you’re not going to register, why don’t you move along? We came to find a job.”

Certainly the grumbling and fuss being raised behind me made the situation awkward, so I quickly backed down.

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“We’re a Freelance hunter team. I’m Fuma, the leader. I’d like to see a list of quests being introduced now.”


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In the end, the guild receptionist’s attention also moved from me to the mister who came from behind.

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I thought that it might not be good even if I persisted, so I decided to give up and leave.

「It’s risky.... earning money by getting rid of monsters and villains. It feels just like an adventure, but I can’t even do that.」

『When setting out on a journey, to not even be able to become hunter, a staple of fundraising... that was unexpected.』

「My Identification... sorry.」

『Tis troubling. At this rate...... will you even be able to procure books?』