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“Se... ttle?”

Yes, settle it.

Because I ran away without doing that, things turned out this way.

That’s why it’s necessary.

That’s why we need a resolution.

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“Well, until then... hey, let’s go home, Amae. I’m hungry.”

“Un! Go! Eat! Goooo!”

That’s all I wanted to say to Sadiz, whether she had her memories or not.

Of course, Sadiz wouldn’t know what it means now, but I still said it anyway.

And I said what I had to say, and feeling refreshed, I was taken back to the church by Amae.

Translated by: Sads07

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My body, which had been drained and dried out, was now back to normal.

My exhausted body and mind have completely recovered with a sense of accomplishment having mastered Magical Breathing.

『At length, you have gotten accustomed to it. In Vier, you have almost mastered the combination of Magical Breathing and Breakthrough.』

“Ah. I’m surprised myself.”

『Now that you have come this far, all that remains is ... the ‘Special Technique’...』

“Ah. Also, you’ll come to me in Vier tonight, right?”