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“It was an uproar in Class C too. The famous Tendo-san actually went to find a male schoolmate from another class─”

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“─ So noisy!”


I couldn’t help yelling, and scared Aguri into stopping in her tracks. I glared at her for a moment, but noticed I had lost my composure and soothed her:

“It’s nothing, nothing. It’s fine…”

Strange, my tongue was not working well. I seemed to have reverted to my middle school self.

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I squeezed out a stiff smile to the stunned Aguri.

“I-I’m sorry. I think… Let’s not go to the arcade today, and go home straight alright?”

“Huh? A-Alright… It’s okay… Tasuku, are you feeling unwell?”

Aguri looked my way with a face of concern. But I hid how I felt and only told her: “I’m just not in the mood.” and kept walking.

Aguri caught up with me but still couldn’t read the mood and talked about Amano again.

“And so, that Amano boy, what do you think he is like ─”

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“I’m telling you!”

I said in a heavy tone and cut her off forcefully.

“There couldn’t be any guy who is good enough for Tendo in a school like Otobuki.”