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“What do you mean by “seen” everything? I can’t withstand this much attention even when I have a girlfriend and made a lot of friends.”

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“Really? But, …recently, Amano-kun will smile happily at me when we’re together.”

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“R-Really? …Well, …Amano…”

After I heard Tendou, my heart suddenly throbbed for some reason.

“Amano…He’ll sweat a lot whenever people strike up a conversation with him. He’s stuttering every time he opened his mouth. The Amano that was playing mobile games happily in the school, …now he’s already brave enough to smile at the legendary Karen Tendou…”

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Crap, perhaps this is how it feels when your son is finally independent. Right now, I really wanted to put my hand on Amano’s shoulder and tell him, “You’ve grown up.” Like I’m a father, even though I’m not actually his dad.

However, the actual problem is with Amano’s growth. I think the feelings he carried for Tendou is different than mine. Even so, I think the only reason why Amano is quickly improving his communication skills is because of…

“It’s all because of…Aguri-san’s blessing, right?”

I immediately freaked out and reacted when Tendou suddenly started talking to me.

Tendou’s walking by my side, and she responded to me with a covered smile…To her, it seems that this is what she really wanted to talk about today.

“I have to say thanks to Aguri-san. She’s the reason why I can be with Amano-kun happily.”


Although a complex array of emotions appeared in my mind now, I still agreed to that.

I continued after a while.

“However, speaking of change, Aguri may have changed a bit as well.”

“What do you mean?”

The cute girl is holding her bag in front of her skirt as she slightly tilted her head to me…This kind of segregation from the mortal world, it’s like the after school plot of dating sims…

I coughed before continuing.

“How should I put it…Aguri will act especially like a gal just to get me interested previously.”