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2018 Making money online is no longer a secret

On the other hand, he wanted to raise the level as high as possible and reduce the number of levels. That was to prevent customers from climbing the buildings as frequently as possible and bring about a better shopping experience.

The higher the floor, the easier it was to give people a sense of oppression. On the contrary, the higher the floor, the wider the scene. Customers’ mood would also improve correspondingly, which would be more conducive to stimulating consumption.

Frequent climbing would exhaust customers’ patience. Most customers would rather walk a few more steps on the same floor than climb to the fifth or sixth floor.

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As a relatively new square, Golden Prosperity Square had obviously taken these aspects into consideration when it was designed to improve customers’ shopping experience.

He was greeted by a huge central atrium space that extended from the bottom to the top floor entering the first floor. It was like an indoor square with an iconic modern sculpture.

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This shopping mall gave off a modern and grand vibe.

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Once they arrived at the central atrium, they could use the escalator to reach the Tengda experience shop on the second floor.

At the beginning of the design, this semicircular area with a large number of glass walls was the core position of the entire shopping mall. Therefore, many of the designs revolved around it, including the escalators in the shopping mall. They also prioritized this area.

After reaching the second floor, Liang Qingfan raised his hand and introduced, “Boss Pei, it’s all within the range of Tengda’s experience shop from here to the top floor. Of course, it’s only limited to the direction behind me.”

“There are a total of three levels. They are divided into six areas according to your previous requirements.”

“Every level has the distinction between ‘Regular Area’ and ‘Core Area’. The so-called Core Area is actually the area where the semi-circular glass wall is. The lighting in this area is excellent, spacious, and bright. Apart from this area, the shops in the shopping mall around it are the Regular Area.”

“This way, the three floors’ regular and core zones would be able to meet your previous requirements and be divided into six different functional zones.”

“The core area of the second floor is the digital zone. The regular zone is the gaming experience zone.”

“The core area of the third floor is the merchandise area. The regular area is the home living area.”

“The core area of the top floor is the dining area, while the regular area is the viewing area.”

Liang Qingfan explained patiently as he led the three of them around.

This division had obviously been carefully considered.