How to make money by writing fiction online

How to make money by writing fiction online

“Is Boss Ma capable of asking such questions?”

“Tsk, it doesn’t look like it.”

Xue Zhebin was confused. “Why? Are these questions of a high standard?”

First, he asked if the cold noodles were delicious. Then, he asked what the word ‘multi-dimensional fusion’ meant. What kind of standard was that?

If it had been Xue Zhebin, he would not have dared to speak in front of so many investors and bosses. That was because the problem was too simple and childish. It was a little embarrassing.

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Li Shi shook his head. “If you think that way, you’re gravely mistaken!”

“The two questions that Boss Ma asked, including every word he said, hit Meng Chang’s vulnerable spots, making him very uncomfortable!”

“Of course, Meng Chang is extremely smart after all. He reacted quickly and responded flawlessly.”

“His on the spot adaptability is indeed very strong.”

“However, no matter how strong that ability is, he was still inferior to Boss Ma in terms of ‘power’. A not so clever investor might not be able to tell, but a smart one would definitely be able to sense it.”

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“However, this is not enough to shake the investors’ expectations of Meng Chang. It’s just that Meng Chang’s goal of attracting investment would not go so smoothly.”

Li Shi remained silent for a moment and sighed. “Based on my understanding of Boss Ma, a game theory of this level is definitely not something he is capable of doing.”

“He Desheng might be slightly better, but his skills are still lacking. He doesn’t have that ability.”

“I’m afraid Boss Pei had already instructed Boss Ma to do this before he sent him here. Boss Ma is passing on a message for Boss Pei!”

“That’s right. Even if Boss Pei did not know about the ‘cold-faced lady’ at the beginning, he must have received the news after Meng Chang used Tengda’s name to gain popularity.”

“A minor character of this level is not worth him coming out personally. If he really came, Meng Chang would seize the opportunity to increase his popularity.”

“Therefore, Boss Pei sent Boss Ma over to represent Tengda, giving a hint and expressing his stance. He was also trying to knock Meng Chang down.