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Even though the teasing eyes of Masaya and the others made me feel awkward, I still answered reluctantly… The instinct of women scared me sometimes. I didn’t have any experience in affairs, but I caught a gist of how terrifying it would be in the future.

Aguri joined the conversation for a while, but it was getting late, so Masaya and the others went home a short while later.

As for me… Aguri pleaded with me to ‘play one game! Just once okay!’, and was dragged to the crane game machine by her.

I felt unmotivated.

“Spare me… Just how much money did you think I was forced to spend in the arcade today…”

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“Hmm~~? What, did you catch a plushie for someone other than me?”

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Aguri puffed her cheeks suddenly… Huh? It was rare seeing her look jealous. After all, she could say something like Tendo and me being compatible so casually. Hmm?

I felt a little hesitant, but I still took one hundred yen from my wallet and explained:

“No such thing, I was just wandering around the arcade and playing games at random with some guy.”

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When Aguri heard what I said, she exclaimed ‘huh~~!’ and reacted as if it was a pity.

“I want to see! I want to see Tasuku play all sort of games!”

“Huh? Aren’t you always watching? Why are you saying that now…”

I inserted the hundred yen coin into the crane game machine… but Aguri was still angry.

“Ughh~~ … You played games… with someone other than me…”

… She’s in a bad mood today.

That’s a rare sight. Aguri usually smiles all the time, and didn’t think of anything like an idiot.

… But that’s true, my emotional ups and downs when I was with Amano might be wider than when I was with my girlfriend Aguri. Thinking from this perspective, I could sort of understand why she was jealous, but I didn’t explain the situation in so much detail.

Frankly speaking… Why am I dating Aguri…?

I don’t dislike Aguri, and find her to be cute… But was that enough? I had absolutely no intention of getting into BL, but after the emotional fight with someone who was just a classmate, I felt a bit weird that I didn’t tell my girlfriend about this.