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「You started it first, didn’t you?」

They began arguing.

(Oi, Oi, Oi… Give me a break…)

If you fight in a place like this, you’ll trouble the people at the back of the line.

I have no choice but to enter the arbitration between Ria and Sid-san.

「W-Well, calm down you two… In the first place, it’s unreasonable to have a bento for ten people, isn’t it?」

「Eh? I can eat it though?」Ria said, tilting her head with a confused expression.

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「…I guess.」

It is impossible to persuade Ria on this. Because she hasn’t said anything unreasonable. Bento for ten people… yeah, she can finish it single-handedly.

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In other words, the person I should persuade is you – Sid-san.

「Sid-san. I don’t think the opponent is a good match for you this time.」

When I tried to politely convince him,

「A”a!? Bastard… Are you saying that I’m going to lose?!」

I seemed to have added oil to his burning spirit, instead.

(I’m almost certain that Sid-san won’t win…)