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“Oh, he joined us on the way. He asked me if they could come. Is there something wrong?”

Kushida brought along Hirata, (what looks like) his girlfriend, Karuizawa, and two other girls. The two girls were Matsushita and Mori, who always hung out with Karuizawa.

“Hey, is there no method to refuse Hirata and send him back?”

Ike put his arms around my shoulder and whispered into my ear.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to send him away.”

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If that ikemen’s there too, our existences will be thin! What are you going to do in the unlucky event that Kushida-chan falls in love with Hirata? If we make the ikemen stay away from her, there’s no way the event can happen?”

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“No, I wouldn’t know… Also, isn’t Hirata dating Karuizawa? Don’t worry.”

“Just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t guarantee anything. If you compare a used, dirty, and gaudy girl like Karuizawa with the pretty angel Kushida-chan, anyone would pick Kushida-chan!”

As he kept fervently speaking, his spit got into my ear—feels disgusting. There are some disgusting words coming from his mouth too.

Certainly, Karuizawa looks gaudy, but she’s still cute.

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“But Ike… you know that there’s no guarantee that a cute girl like Kushida-chan is still a virgin, right?”

Yamauchi joined our whisper conversation with an anxious voice.

“Uu, that’s… that might be true… n-no, Kushida-chan must be a virgin!”

The boys continued to do as they please as they indulged in their fantasies. I wonder if you could call this discrimination against women. If possible, I’d rather not be involved in this conversation.

“Um, if we’re intruding, we can go as a separate group.”

Hirata said to Ike and the others in a reserved tone. He noticed our whispering.

“N-no, it’s all right! Right, Yamauchi?”

“Y-yea. Let’s hang out together. The more the better. Right?”

You two are being annoying! They couldn’t do anything, though, because if they tried to kick Hirata and his group out, Kushida may also be disappointed with them.