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In order to prevent Matsushita san from asking extra questions to avoid answering me, I asked her another question.

If she was given the chance, she would definitely ask me “When did Ayanokouji-san notice?”

“When that… Oh right, when you were talking to Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

Matsushita-san mixed in lies, but also admitted that she saw me talking to Acting Director Tsukishiro.

Shortly after, Matsushita-san slightly lowered the corner of her mouth. It seems that she noticed her mistake.

Actually, I’ve already set up a trap here, if she was curious about my relationship with Acting Director Tsukishiro, she would have no choice but to ask me a question about this.

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“I saw you talking with Acting Director Tsukishiro, what actually happened?”

“It seems like Keyaki mall is about to undergo renovation, that’s why he was asking students which facilities we would be happy with if built, and similar questions. He just chose to ask me by chance.

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“Oh? I see…”

Matsushita-san, who claimed to have started following me during my conversation with Acting Director Tsukishiro, might’ve planned to use information from what happened before the conversation to her advantage. However, it had the opposite effect. Since she saw the workers following Acting Director Tsukishiro, she would most likely believe me.

“So, what’s your question?”

I don’t have any questions. There’s just some things on my mind.”

After saying this, Matsushita-san started to reveal the true reason for following me.

About the end of year exam… Ayanokouji-kun was the commanding tower, right?”

So that’s it. Having heard this sentence, I understood the reason why Matsushita-san wanted to contact me.

“During the speed mental math event, the answer you gave me was exactly the same as the answer Koenji-kun gave.”

It would be hard to say that this happened by chance.

“During junior high school, I did quite a lot of speed mental math, so I’m quite good at it.