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“That didn’t help very much, Ayanokouji-kun.”

As I apologetically lowered my head, Sakura slowly stood up.

Although I hoped that she would forgive me for not noticing her, Sakura was wearing a mask along with her hat. In any case, it would’ve been hard for even a close friend to recognize her like this. I wonder if she caught a cold.

“Hey, she looks like a somewhat suspicious individual…”

“Instead of looking suspicious, I think it’s the opposite; she’s standing out more this way.”

“Yeah, you’re right… I guess it’s especially conspicuous in a place like this.”

Sakura said so and took off the mask she was wearing apologetically. She didn’t seem to have a cold. Instead, it appeared that she was just wearing a surgical face mask. Just how much does she dislike being noticed?

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“To repair the camera, we just have to go to the electronics store in the shopping mall, right?”

“If I’m remembering it correctly, they should have a repair service.”

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“I’m sorry… Making you accompany me for something like this…”

Sakura lowers her head and apologised again, seeming to mean it from the bottom of her heart. Seeing this made me feel a little sorry myself.

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There’s a retail store outlet located on campus, as the brand it belongs to is a famous nationwide retail chain store that entered into a partnership with the school. As their only customers would be students, the store itself isn’t very large. Even so, the store readily sold supplies that students may need on a daily basis as well as electronics that students may be interested in.

“If I’m remembering correctly, the repair service is located at the counter in the back.”

Kushida seemed to have been here several times before, as she promptly remembered where to go and headed deeper into the store. Sakura and I followed behind.

“I wonder if they’ll be able to fix it soon…”

With an uneasy expression, Sakura tightly gripped the camera in her hands.

“You’re really fond of that camera.”

“Yes… Is that weird?”