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“This is… Sadiz, the rising star of the new era…. my father admitted it, too….“

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“That’s why I said we can’t win…”

Yes, there was such a difference in power at that time.

“Hahaha … amazing, Sadiz…. if those four are like Sadiz, they’ll realize that they still have to work hard.”

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“Ah. As I thought, maybe Sadiz doesn’t have to wait until she’s twelve years old to be admitted to the academy with special treatment by skipping grades.”

While smiling at us as they took a break from work, the Emperor and my Master, sometimes the Empress and the Madam, would be there.

“But the child Mamu protected in ‘the Former city of Sorcery, Shiznautmy’ was such a genius…”

“Ah. At that time… she didn’t really open up to me, but…. but now she really is Earth’s ‘Big Sister‘.”

“It’s been five years since the demise of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar… and above all I’m glad to see that her heartbreak is healing…. as it is, I hope that she’ll continue to be a sister and a familiar target for Phianse, too.”

“…… Well, it’s not like everything’s over…. there’s still a big “mystery” about that city…. even the former member of the Six Supremacy, La’iphant, doesn’t know about the matter either…. And the only person who seems to know about the mystery is that Jamdi’el, the one who was with Tre’ainar when he destroyed the city.”

“La’iphant said that it’s likely that Jamdi’el is in hiding on the Surface World, not on the Demon Realm… if he’s right…… for example, she would be lurking in ‘the Isolationist Nation, Cacretale‘ which was uninvolved in the war with the Demons.”

“I can’t carelessly get involved… seriously…. even though we defeated Tre’ainar and thought we were making progress in our relationship with the demons little by little, I can’t help but worry… and… what worries me the most is…’Hakuki’.”

“That’s right. In addition, Tre’ainar’s influence is still deep-rooted both in the Demon Realm and among the demon races. There are religious groups claiming ‘God, Tre’ainar, will be reborn. Search for the Reincarnation, God’s Second Coming.‘ and hunters whose eyes change at the legend of ‘Buried treasure left by the Great Demon King Tre’ainar‘ being circulated.”

For several years after the war, His Majesty and the Master were constantly struggling with all the hard work, but their eyes, which watched over the princess and the young masters, were still gentle, and their troubles were full of the will to work harder for the children of the coming era.