How to open a store on Taobao

How to open a store on Taobao

Pei Qian really steeled his heart to ‘bow down to reality’ this time. He would do his best to make ducks and drakes of the 40 million yuan. Please do not let a single penny come back to him!

April 6th, Wednesday...

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Pei Qian was finally done with the general plot of ‘Struggle’ after two days of struggle. The plot of the game could be roughly divided into several major stages: birth, school, exams, work, love, marriage, home purchase, childbirth, and middle-age crisis. That was the overall process. The poor and the rich versions would have the same stages, but they experienced completely different things.

For example, the children of the rich would have a nanny to take care of them from birth to when they were schooling. When they grow up, they would play happily in the mansion. The toys they had would be very expensive. They would also hire very high-end tutors to get good preschool education.

Children from poor families would not have these facilities at all. They could only watch TV and picture books at home. After their parents go to work, they could only play alone.

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The other major stages were the same. Anyway, one could roughly imagine the plot if one were to imagine it. Everything would go wrong for the poor while everything would be unimpeded for the rich.

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Pei Qian also considered adding some quantifiable data to the game, to let players feel the gap between the two more clearly. For example, the players’ current knowledge (professional knowledge, financial awareness, etc.), emotional intelligence (handling people, making friends, etc.), mental health, specific material wealth, etc....

These data would ostensibly affect the player’s options. For example, wealth management consciousness of a rich person could speed up his accumulation of material wealth; emotional intelligence could give him more opportunities to make friends with nobles; and his mental health could make it easier for him to adjust his mood at work. There would be problems due to excessive pressure...

However, everything was just on the surface. In fact, they would only affect some trivial branches and would not affect the final outcome. The reason Pei Qian did this was very simple. If the gameplay could allow the player to visualize the final outcome, then how could he make the player feel disgusted?

If the poor could counterattack and the rich could avoid the fate of being killed, wouldn’t it be a great ending?

They must not let that happen!

Moreover, the setting of ‘you have a choice on the surface, but everything was predestined’ was regarded as a failure in the game industry. Most games would be criticized for doing so.

The game would last until middle-age, which was around 50 years old. As the saying went, be established at 30, have clarity at 40, and know the bidding of the heavens at 50.

To Pei Qian, 50 was the best age to kill off a rich man player. Too early and there would not be enough content; too late and it would not make people feel disgusted.