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『Such is life, now on your feet!!』

“How to put it, though I’m not a hunter, I must hunt beasts, I’m not a fisherman, but I must fish... Moreover, so gross!? Even a little, to eat a frog or a snake!? No, wait, I can’t! Frogs and snakes are really impossible!?” [3]

『...... Hence why you are your parents’ spoiled twit...』

I couldn’t help but be horrified by Tre’ainar’s words, that is too much for survival.

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But, Tre’ainar’s stunned expression seems to say, ‘With this level...’

And being called ‘parent’s twit’ really stuck it to my heart.

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『Raising your tone to that degree, will you think of the future? Furthermore, as I said earlier, in the forest... no, the outside world, tis the strong that eats. Do not forget, tis also possible you will be hunted by ferocious beasts and such, is it not?』


『That is why you must be hearty in order to move on. Before our goals, we must first acquire the strength and knowledge to survive living alone.』

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Right. At the time of our departure... well, the great feat of ‘surpassing my father’ that I pledged three hours ago.

Before I do that, I have to be man enough to do something about this.

That’s why Tre’ainar’s words about me raising my voice to this degree, I’ll be considerate in the future.

“Wow... All right, I...... so...... ah, there was...”

With that said, when I glanced down, I noticed a large mushroom growing at the base of a tree, and crouched before that...

“If I find something like this, I can eat it...”