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What’s more, the merchants on the first floor were all quite rich. Even if Pei Qian wanted to pay them to move out, it might not work. They could not find any empty spaces either.

On the other hand, there were a cinema and a few shops selling bubble tea on the topmost floor. Pei Qian could not neglect the possibility that young people would want to visit the internet cafe before or after a movie.

Thus, the third floor looked quite good to Pei Qian.

Apart from Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, there were various clothes shops on this floor. Most of them were international, high-end brands. The only dining shops were a high-end cafe and a shop selling bubble tea next to it.

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All in all, this floor was relatively quiet. Most customers who came to this floor were girls who loved shopping. They probably would not enter an internet cafe for no reason.

The selected space was located on the southeast corner of the level. It looked like an independent area.

An international clothing brand once occupied this space. However, since business was poor, they decided to move out and transfer the space to someone else.

The clearance sale was over, and all the clothing and products had been swept off the shelves. The entire area looked empty apart from the shelves, which were going to be shipped away soon.

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The decorations were quite well done. What’s more, the general vibe was simple and subdued. It fit Pei Qian’s requirements perfectly.

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Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan were already waiting there when Pei Qian arrived. They could easily tell that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 2.0 was a big deal to Boss Pei! When they were looking for suitable locations a few days ago, Boss Pei kept leaving them with instructions. He even called the night before to rush them. He rarely acted this way.

In fact, this really was a big deal to Pei Qian.

It was urgent!