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“How should I greet Boss Pei...”

Che Rong was very touched.

Logically speaking, Boss Pei had arranged at least three layouts in advance. It was enough to ensure that Star Bird Fitness’ new store would be popular when it opened. Howewver, even so, Boss Pei had specially come to take a look. This was enough to show how much Boss Pei valued Star Bird Fitness!

However, how should he greet him? Che Rong fell into a dilemma.

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Che Rong felt that Boss Pei already knew his identity but the two of them had not known each other on the business level. They had only interacted privately as property buyers and sellers.

Should he address him as “Boss Pei” now? It did not seem appropriate.

However, calling him ‘Brother Pei’ was even more inappropriate!

He definitely could not be too serious, but he could not be too casual either. It would be unforgivable if he did not want to make Boss Pei angry if he were to handle it too seriously.

It was really difficult to grasp the speed.

Che Rong saw Boss Pei walk around Star Bird Fitness and immediately turn around to leave just as he was struggling.


Che Rong was stunned. He was just about to raise his hand to stop Boss Pei when he retracted his hand.

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Boss Pei had come to take a look with a mask on. He must have wanted to keep a low profile.

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It was indeed inappropriate for him to shout out to him.

However, Boss Pei had already walked away.