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Is the way to make money and add groups online is to lie?

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This rule sounded a little strange. Which downloadable content could be purchased individually and encouraged players to play downloadable content first?

They had never heard of such a thing.

However, everyone present were old employees after all. They were no longer surprised after witnessing Boss Pei’s manipulation of other games, especially Be Quiet.

There must be a reason for Boss Pei’s arrangements!

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Pei Qian was very satisfied that no one raised any objections.

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He thought for a while and continued. “Secondly, the downloadable content of ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ has to be distinguishable!”

“Repent and be Saved was a game from two years ago. Its combat system is already outdated. What’s more, gamers’ tolerance thresholds have been increasing during these two years. The veteran gamers are getting better and better at it. They can pass it even with their eyes closed. New gamers can also find a lot of walkthrough videos online. The difficulty of this game is incomparable to when we first launched it.”

“Therefore, we have to innovate Repent and be Saved’s combat system to bring new challenges to gamers!”

“We can start with the details in the novel ‘Eternal Reincarnation’.

“According to the settings in the novel ‘Eternal Reincarnation’, the protagonist would be a Martial God in the mortal world. He would be a super expert on the level of Dugu Qiubai. He would even be able to kill the Black and White Impermanence.”

“This is obviously different from Repent and be Saved’s original plot setting: The protagonist was an ordinary person.”

“We should allow the Martial God protagonist in the downloadable content of ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ to master more martial skills and make more fancy operations. There should be a unique combat mechanism!”

“The protagonist’s aura is often portrayed when describing battles in novels. When two experts are fighting, the side whose aura is chaotic will often fall into a decline soon, and the side whose aura is smooth will gradually gain the upper hand.”

“Therefore, add an ‘aura value’ to the original physical strength.”

“The aura value is a little similar to the shape of the lungs. It is divided into green, white, yellow, and red states. At the same time, this icon will have a breathing effect. It will expand and shrink like a person’s breathing. The degree of it being filled would represent the amount of gas in the lungs.”

“Expansion of the breath icon, increase of lung gas, represent inhaling; shrinking of the breath icon, decrease of lung gas, represent exhalation.”