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That meant that, if he rented the apartments out short-term, the price-quality ratio would still be pegged at a certain standard.

However, Pei Qian still had a final trick on top of that.

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He would not allow co-renting or short-term tenancy! They would only accept entire tenancies. Every tenant and visitor’s details would have to be registered with the butler.

They could pay rent monthly, and they would not have to pay a deposit. However, there would only be six-month and one-year contracts. They had to finish the entire term of the contract.

They could change their minds within a fixed period in the beginning without having to pay a penalty. The remainder of their rent would also be refunded back to them. However, the tenants would not be allowed to rent any other apartment in Sloth Apartments for a year after that.

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That way, those who wanted to treat Sloth Apartments like a hotel would think twice before doing so.

According to the income levels in Jingzhou at the moment, those who would be able to afford to rent an apartment in Sloth Apartments had to be very rich. However, if rich people could afford to buy apartments, why would they have to rent them?

As for ordinary working adults, perhaps only Tengda’s employees would be able to afford an apartment in the condominium. Yet, would Tengda’s employees be allowed to pay for an apartment in Sloth Apartments? Of course not! Pei Qian considered prohibiting Tengda’s employees from renting units in Sloth Apartments in the beginning. Once he was sure that Sloth Apartments could not generate profits, he would build more buildings and arrange for Tengda’s employees to move in. Then, they would be allowed to use their employee benefits to pay for the rent.

That would allow Pei Qian to kill two birds with one stone!

Of course, the System limited Pei Qian to converting only a small portion of Sloth Apartments’ units into employee accommodations. That was probably to ensure that the project’s character remained roughly the same and that it had a chance of generating profits.

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However, Pei Qian would only have to build enough Sloth Apartments to accommodate all of his employees.

Then, a small portion of the apartments would be used for employee accommodations while the remaining would be left unrented. Wouldn’t Pei Qian surely incur losses, then?