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There was a 2nd year who fell during their race and had to withdraw due to their leg injury but in their case, there's nothing in particular to worry about since it was an isolated incident.

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"Rather than worry about me, you should be more worried about yourself. Your results are worse than mine right?".

Horikita, who took 1st place, 3rd place and then 7th place now due to the collision, currently stands at 30 points. I'm standing at 27 points. Close as it may be, there's no changing the fact that I'm still losing out.

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"I'll do my best. But, don't push yourself too, ok?".

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"I intend on participating in the contests even if I have to crawl to do it".

Leaving behind Horikita, who said such words, I made a move to prepare for the next contest: the three-legged race.

"How's Horikita-san doing?".

Hirata, having ascertained the situation from a distance, worriedly called out to me.

"It's pretty serious. It looks like it'll affect the subsequent contests".

"That's a severe turn of events".

While we tied the string, we exchanged such little interactions.

Not too long after, the three-legged race began for the 1st year boys. They started one after another. This sports festival is thoroughly being regulated by the school and the contests progressed without any waste. It was a brilliant performance almost on par with scheduled broadcasts.

Since a three-legged race inevitably means that two people end up forming one team, the number of teams that can run at once are a measly four. Sudou, who's in the group starting ahead of us, bottled up his anger and started.

Sudou's partner is Ike.

Normally, that would be considered backassward and highly risky but through a certain method, that combination makes a turn towards victory.


Screams came pouring out of Ike in the middle of the match. Apparently from the very first step, Sudou's technique burst forth explosively. In a sense, this is the ultimate three-legged race, a surefire way of winning. Sudou, stuck halfway with having to raise Ike up, roared with all his might. In a way, it's close to foul play but just from a glance, it still passes as a three-legged race. He succeeded in securing 1st place while forcibly supporting Ike so as to not let him collapse.

"For how difficult the situation is, Sudou-kun sure is very reliable".