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I was going to praise her for her efforts when she came back, but she looked discontent so I took a different approach.

“That girl who took first place is my classmate Onodera. She’s a highly formidable opponent when it comes to swimming, so you shouldn’t let the loss get to you.”

With a top member of the swimming club like Onodera as her opponent, Nanase had managed quite well for herself.

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“Yes. Onodera-senpai was certainly amazing. However, the one I’m truly concerned about is…”

Nanase trailed off as she looked over her shoulder and fixed her gaze on a certain someone.

That someone was none other than Kōenji, the young man who had snatched away the first place spot in the boy’s category in an overwhelming display of superiority.

“On top of making his way to the starting area faster than us, he won his match in record time.”

He stood refined as he looked out over the sea, and from what I could tell, his breathing wasn’t labored in the slightest.

“He’s as much a freak as he is a superhuman. Thinking about him any more than necessary isn’t worth the time.”

Although I may say this, even I, as his fellow classmate, have had to personally change my evaluation of him two or three times so far during this special exam. The Tug of War Task from earlier was only one such example of this.

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He held utterly unfathomable potential.

If this was a glimpse of what he was truly capable of, then it would certainly be fair to call him a prodigy of some sort.