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We chose our words carefully after considering her feelings. However, somehow, Tendou-san looked visibly upset. …Why? Even though both Chiaki and I really want to play with Tendou-san, it’s bad for us to ask for something unreasonable, right? We shouldn’t cause her to be absent from the Game Club.

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Chiaki and I smiled as we waved and bid farewell to Tendou-san, who’s supposed to go to the Game Club. However, Tendou-san remained still and continued chatting with us.

“B-By the way! H-How are things…going for you two? H-How far have you two gone?”

We tilt our heads again with this confusing question. But, we immediately realized it and answered with a smile.

“We’re collecting points as we level up in Ch.5 of the Finale!”

“I’m not asking about games! Also, I didn’t know you two even have the same progress in games!”

“Hmm? What else could it be other than games…?”

“Eh? Ah, no, I mean, well, …uh…”

For some reason, Tendou-san blushed really hard as she plopped her head down. Chiaki and I thought about it for a moment. …Then, we clapped at the same time and asked Tendou-san.

“Are you asking about our relationships?”

“Yes! That’s it! It’s rare for you two to understand-“

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“Our classmates’ eyes look just as cold as usual!”

“No! Well, …but please allow me to pat both of your heads and calm down.”