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「Nothing, yes... well...... umm? What?」

「What? So I like this hoodie and.... trainer thing.」

「......Oh, oh......」

「What the hell, you turn away and hide your face!」

「No, no, tis nothing... Kohon... So let us get started.」

After Tre’ainar somewhat deceptively coughed, he started the special training again.

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「Then tis a jump rope, but... before putting it into practice, I shall first explain the effects of jumping rope.」

「First of all, rope jumping is a training that can be done anywhere so long as there is a rope and a small space. In addition, tis possible to train the muscles of the entire body in a well-balanced manner with numerous variations, number of repetitions and duration. For example, ‘Rhythm and Step’, ‘Wrist and Whole Arm’, ‘Stamina’, and so on.」

First of all, as with the ladder, we start with the explanation of the effect as before.

I straightened my posture and nodded obediently as I listened.

「Rhythm and steps. This is important for those like you who use quick footwork by constantly moving their feet in small increments.」

I fully understand that. I always move my legs to keep track of the timing to avoid the opponent’s attack and to hit my own attack.

「Of course, you can learn steps and rhythms with the ladders, but unlike ladders, if you do not jump with the proper rhythm and timing, your feet will get caught in the rope .... like so...... Basic 【Great Demon?Front Leap】!」 [1]

It’s started! It’s finally happening!

Don’t laugh?Great Demon King!!

Tre’ainar looked serious, spun the rope on the spot, and jumped nimbly on both feet with a constant rhythm.

「Fufu Osu!」

「And simply spin the jump rope like so, but while keeping the wrist at a constant height, and repeating with the same rhythm.... sometimes moving the wrists and gain momentum depending on the technique. ... 【Great Demon?Back Leap】.」

Tre’ainar continued to jump, spinning the rope in reverse rotation, and still without getting his feet caught.