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Just as I’m going to stare at the sky dazedly, …I quickly stopped myself.

(No, no, no! I’m going to Starry Plaza next. I need to save staring at the sky until then!)

This path is heading towards Starry Plaza. Just like its name, it’s a vast space where you can see the beautiful stars at night. I can’t look at the sky like this halfway in the mountain. That would be like secretly munching on half the main dish…Ah.

(No, no, no, the starry sky isn’t the main dish.)

When you consider my “initial” goal, the starry sky is like an appetizer. However, no matter what, it’s pointless to stare at the stars here.


After I confirmed how much my stamina has recovered, I started climbing up the stairs once again.

So, after I moved my feet silently for 5 minutes.

“…I’m here…!”

I finally arrived at the destination.

Starry Plaza.