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He saw two people entering the snack market the moment he finished speaking.

One of them was holding a microphone and the other was holding a camera!

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Rui Yuchen explained, “This is a journalist from Jingzhou TV’s evening news segment. He interviewed Fish-Catching Take-Out when Jingzhou first started garbage sorting. I left a contact number.”

“I was thinking that the television station would be interested in the opening of the snack market the day before yesterday.”

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“That’s why I asked.”

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“In the end, they were indeed interested so they agreed to come for the interview this morning.”

He immediately stood up to greet his long-lost journalist friend.

“Boss Rui, long time no see.” Zhang Lixian was all smiles.

This journalist was an old friend of Tengda Corporation.

Rui Yuchen had welcomed her when she interviewed Fish-Catching Take-Out previously. After the interview, Rui Yuchen had even given her a lunch box as a small gift.

Even though it was just a simple lunchbox, its design was beautiful and practical. It also contained the concept of ‘gentlemen are different’. She liked it very much.

What’s more, the video that she posted on Weibo about ‘an ordinary citizen of Jingzhou a second ago and an outstanding young man in Jingzhou a second later’ had also become popular. It has caused her Weibo to gain a lot of fans. It was a pleasant surprise.

Subsequently, Zhang Lixian gave Li Shi an exclusive interview with “Li Shi and the Thinker”. She heard Li Shi talk about Boss Pei’s philosophy, investment path, the transformation of the Sloth Apartments project and the Thriller Hostel to the old industrial zone.

The response was equally enthusiastic!

Therefore, when Rui Yuchen said that Tengda’s snack market was about to open, she immediately realized that this would be excellent news!

As the saying went, food was the most important.

Clothing, food, accommodation, and daily trivialities could reflect the lifestyle of the citizens of Jingzhou. It was a question that most news viewers were concerned about.

What’s more, this snack market was near the old industrial zone. It was an outstanding project for the transformation of the old industrial zone like the Thriller Hostel. Of course, he had to introduce it!