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“In a nutshell… a place where we can stay hoodlums.”


Bro answered my question without hesitation.

It was the opposite of me and Tre’ainar who thought that it was impossible to live as a hoodlum forever.

“After the war…… Until a decade ago, this town… was almost lawless and chaotic, a town dominated by the Mafia. It sounds like a merchant town, but illegal trade was a daily occurrence, arms sales, trafficking of land from the vulnerable, scams and badger games, prostitution, human trafficking that treated slaves mercilessly, whether they were demons or children, and rampant violence and extortion…. Back then, the town was a black market where the rich vent their desires…. Indeed, calling it no man’s land was no exaggeration. Unlike the Imperial capital, which was regarded as a gorgeous symbol of peace, this was writhing land of trash left behind by the times.”

It was a world that I could not imagine, knowing it only by the name of “merchant town”.

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“But even among the kids who were born and raised in such a city, they were not bound by anything…. those who would not be subordinated to the environment created by the adults, would not be controlled, and want to live freely to oppose something become ‘hoodlums’, put up their bodies without fear, and instead of the untrustworthy Imperial Warriors, took the role to protect the town like vigilantes…. our presence in the fight against adults was significant.”

“With adults… That’s….”

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“Uh huh. The Bockmati Family that ruled this town…… in order to resist their rule, we fought hard and started an endless struggle.”

I didn’t know that either, and even Tre’ainar shook his head.

The Mafia led by the boss who ruled this town and was well-known in the Demon Realm.

Was there a fight between the organization and the town’s delinquency?