Is it true that the online opening of the Internet is true?

Is it true that the online opening of the Internet is true?

“We can come to the balcony once in a while to enjoy a breeze and some alcohol or something. However, we can’t drink too much. We can only drink a little.

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“This is our conference room, where we discuss battle strategies...”

Huang Wang casually introduced each room to the team members of H4 as the latter became green with envy.

They even had a massage room and a balcony to enjoy alcohol!

We didn’t even dare to dream of such things!

Pang Ling stopped in front of the whiteboard in the conference room. He was becoming increasingly interested in the training schedule written on it.

“You wake up so early?

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“You go to sleep so early?

“You even have additional meals?

“You work out for two hours every day?”

Pang Ling turned to look at Huang Wang as if finally understanding how he had developed his muscles. The training schedule had completely overturned Pang Ling’s expectations!

After walking one round around the DGE Club, Pang Ling’s competitive mindset had completely dissipated. It was not because he had figured things out or changed his mindset. Instead, it was because he had been dealt with such a huge blow that he could not afford to compare anymore!

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The only thing that Pang Ling could be proud of before this was that the H4 Club was a longer-standing club with better living conditions and more legitimacy in various aspects.

However, after seeing DGE’s living conditions, he immediately felt like H4 was nothing more than a peasant club.

DGE had a massage room and several additional meals for fuller nutrition each day!

Just one look, and he could tell how legitimate this place was. They probably had a nutritionist do up their training schedule!