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When I thought I was going to be defeated instantly… suddenly, Tsundere glasses-senpai, also known as Kase Gakuto-senpai, who always thinks of his kouhais and secretly came to watch, fiercely rebuked me, who had already given up.

“You’re not a man who would lose here! Misumi Eiichi!”

After I regained myself from those words, I started to go after her. Using my skill <Instant Draw>, I stayed close in points, and during the match, I developed another skill… <Strongest Follower> and put that to use as well. By imitating her skill and making it my own, I was able to barely beat Riki. I won and advanced to the finals. (By the way, Riki looked like she was about to cry, but when I hugged her and patted her on the head, her mood got better and she returned home.)

However, when I then arrived at the finals, my opponent was…

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“Finally, you’ve come all the way here, Misumi-kun…”


the existence that could be called my shisho of games, Tendo-san.

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The genre was racing games. …I hadn’t mastered this type of game, and also, it was a genre that Tendo-san was good at.

The atmosphere became tense, and the game finally started. …If I spoke honestly, at this point in time, since I just got another skill from the battle with Riki, I had the confidence that I would beat her.

However, my composure was broken in a split second.

In a best of seven, I was handily beaten in the first three races. …If she takes one more game, I’ll lose without even being able to grow.

Tendo-san smiled, as if sneering, and about to reveal a secret trick to me, who was dumbfounded.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t have a countermeasure for your growth ability, <Learn From Strong Enemies>?”

“By any chance… for these last three games, have you been using ‘Moderation Play’!?”

“Fufu, noticing now is too late, Misumi-kun. I’ve been holding back my strength. In the next game, no matter what ability you use… you can’t learn enough to beat me!”

“Damn… !?”

“You may think it’s underhanded, but it’s the president’s duty to take a new member down a notch or two!”