I am scanning the code online.

I am scanning the code online.

Thunderous shock waves hit the whole of Dagrio a second later. Screams rose in various places.

In such a situation, I single-mindedly continued to send forth darkness to Dark Roar.


An immense shock that I have never experienced before was transmitted through both hands.

(Damn it… At this rate, I’ll be pushed back…)

The ultimate attack built up over several years by one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle.

The colossal spiritual power, in addition to the energy from the free fall, contained an unprecedented destructive power.

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「Fuha, no use! Red Drop is the ultimate attack which will destroy everything! This country will be wrapped in rain forever! It will be troublesome for me if it doesn’t!」

Rain’s cry, who was convinced of victory,

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Was drowned out by Ben-san’s bold roar.

「Onii-chan, do your best!」

Millie’s loud voice added to Ben-san’s voice.