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Don't make things online at home

Right now, I have to be accepted by Matsushita-san to a certain extent.

By telling her about how I hid my abilities, it gave her the impression that I had no more secrets.

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Then, without even having to mention it to me, I noticed that Matsushita-san was also hiding her strength.

Of course, she would also feel as if she was in a dominant position in this psychological warfare, thinking that they had already calculated my provisional strength.

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“Wait, just now, you said you were using 70-80%!o(MISSING)f your strength… Is that true?”

There should be nothing for Matsushita-san to reference in order to confirm that my strength was above Hirata-kun. However, I was asked, to confirm if it was true or not.


Even though I nodded my head to confirm, Matsushita-san didn’t seem to accept it.

“Then what about the situation with Karuizawa-san?”

“What do you mean?”

“…The fact that she broke up with Hirata-kun should have something to do with you.”

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“Where did you hear of this?”

“That’s what I think personally… I think there has to be some sort of connection.”

It seemed that Matsushita-san had already done a pretty thorough investigation beforehand, and that’s why she couldn’t simply accept it.

The confidence in Matsushita-san’s expression suddenly disappeared.

“Why does Karuizawa-san think you’re so special… so much that it led to her breakup with Hirata-kun? Please tell me why.”